Telfa Surgical Patties

Telfa Surgical Patties have many features that make them ideal for use in surgeries. One of the most important features is their low tissue adhesion. This means that there is less risk of damage to the surrounding tissues during surgery. Telfa Surgical Patties also have a high absorbency, which helps to prevent blood loss during surgery. In addition, the thinner locator string makes it easier to find the patties during surgery. And finally, the precision cut provides smooth edges that reduce the potential for loose fibers. All of these features make Telfa Surgical Patties an excellent choice for use in surgeries. Thanks for considering them!

Ray-Cot Surgical Patties

The Ray-Cot surgical patties are the superior product on the market for a number of reasons. They are 12% more absorbent than the leading competitor, meaning that they will soak up more fluid and reduce the risk of leaks. They are also 2x stronger, so you can be confident that they will hold up during surgery. In addition, the single barium line allows for superior pliability and softness, making them more comfortable for patients. The smooth, precise edges also reduce the potential for loose fibers, and the thinner locator string improves visibility. As a result, the Ray-Cot patties are the best option on the market for surgeons and their patients.


Raycot Patties, American Surgical Company

X-Ray Detectable Cotton Balls

The X-Ray Detectable Cotton Balls are a premium strung cotton ball that contains an x-ray detectable marker for increased safety and accountability. They are available with or without locator strings, which allow for easier traceability post-procedure. They are available in 8 sizes ranging from 3mm to 51mm. With the X-Ray Detectable Cotton Balls, you can be sure that your procedures will be safe and accountable. Order your X-Ray Detectable Cotton Balls today!

X-ray Cotton Balls

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