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ACE Medical Company is an ISO 13485 Certified Manufacturer and distributor of Surgical Instruments and equipment.

Bipolar Forceps

ac bipolars™ and ac mis bipolars™ are manufactured in the heart of the Black Forest in the Southwest German facility. Our tips are designed with the highest quality solid silver alloy to survive the rigors of reprocessing cycles and natural oxidation. Conventional plated forceps tend to get sticky with wear, but our tips will remain non-stick for the life of the instrument, ensuring the Bipolars will always perform during critical moments in your surgery. 

We’ve also designed a round ergonomic gripped handle, weighted perfectly to serve as extensions of your surgical hands for lengthy cases. To highlight some of our products:

  • Straight bipolar forceps: an alternative to Adson forceps as the preferred bipolar for plastic and hand surgeries. 
  • Bayonet bipolars: Available in a wide range of working lengths with varying tip profiles.
  • Angled Tip Bipolars: our most popular angled forceps, available in 210mm and 235mm working lengths. 
  • ac mis Bipolars™: Minimally Invasive forceps used to accommodate mis brain port procedures.

Surgical Scissors

The Ebner™ Surgical Scissors Line are made of the finest stainless steel with unique formulations for each unique cut. Available in Metzenbaum, Mayo, Iris, Stevens Reynolds, Westcott and Tenotomy styles in a wide variety of lengths. All scissors feature our proprietary ceramic coating and supercut edges. Made by the finest craftsmen in our Bavarian factory, these are the most durable scissors you will ever own.

Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery

The ACE Medical™ Plastic Surgery Instruments Line offers many unique styles in a comprehensive size and handle configurations, liposuction cannula’s, infusion/ infiltration needles, Toomey accessories, nasal splints (external / internal), Swiss Therapy, disposable tubing and canisters. All products are made in the USA! 

Micro Instruments

Charmant micro surgical instruments are the finest Micro Instruments for delicate neurosurgery. Our portfolio accommodates both the Cerebrovascular and Skull based tumor surgeons. The unique weld of a lightweight Titanium handle to a Stainless Steel blade makes these seem effortless to perform difficult cases with challenging anatomy. Our Extra rigid tungsten insert in the blades assures a long lasting, very clean cut. The microscissors are available in varying lengths, with various blade lengths designed specific to your specialty in both bayonet and straight versions. In addition, the micro forceps and tapered Fukushima teardrop suctions offer the surgeon a full armamentarium of instruments.

Urology and Meatal Dilation

The Medpro Line of Urology Equipment are manufactured and imported from the Netherlands. The Meatal Dilator is used for dilation of the penile urethral meatus. The device is colored blue and is made of polycarbonate, 6/16 French, and it is supplied in an individual peel-open package and is intended for single patient use only. Comes in boxes of 1, 5, and 10. The Female Dilator is also available as a single patient use. The No Stitch Smit Sleeves are provided as kits for use as a dilator in HDR brachytherapy procedures. The configurations available include small, medium, and large. 

Nasal Splints, Ear Tubes and Myringotomy Blades

ENT Products Our wide variety of ear tubes, myringotomy blades, nasal packing, disposable suctions, micro laryngeal instruments are available at a fraction of the cost. Internal and External nasal splints, septal buttons, sponge packing materials, ear wicks, ear protectors, otovent and malleable ear dressings.

Non Stick Telfa and Surgical Sponges

American-made surgical sponges are the highest quality non-stick pads. These surgical patties are proven efficacious and promote patient safety while preventing secondary injury. Our brands include:

  • Telfa, the most commonly used non-stick surgical pad
  • Delicot, the ultra-thin non-stick surgical patties developed with Dr Fukushima, X Ray detectable cotton balls

Office Based Sterilizers

W&H series of Austrian made office-based sterilizers. These are ideal for a clinic setting needing reliable and safe sterilization of exam / procedure instruments. Closed Door vacuum assisted drying assures that every load is sterile and patient safe. ANSI / AAMSI ST-55 certified, it features WIFI and ethernet connectivity, auto data saving, Automatic water drain station, Paperless traceability Package with auto washer filling. These are very reliable, and time tested as an established global brand.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Both ACE Medical™ and Wiggins Medical™ (which we distribute) Spine Instruments are manufactured in our South German facility and come with our proprietary ceramic coat. ACE features a fixed ejector and are available in 7”, 8” and 10” in a fine footplate, thin footplate, and standard footplate. Our 5” and 6” working length bayonet kerrisons are some of the most durable and versatile for MIS spine surgery. Wiggins features a wide variety, including pin ejectors, no ejector, ultra-thin footplate, thin footplate, and standard footplate options. We offer the most comprehensive collection of curved kerrisons ideal for all challenging anatomy. 

The Wiggins line also features 90-degree footplates, down-biting, rotating, bayonet, spurling handles, and detachable kerrisons in 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 12” and 14” lengths in a full range of complementing widths. Our Inter Vertebral Discectomy (IVD) rongeurs are the sharpest and most ergonomic in their class. They feature a hand finished rounded cutting edge that can only be finished by hand. We offer both a standard and Caspar fenestrated styles in a 7”, 9”, 11” and 14” lengths, straight, up and down configurations. Our Decker micro-pituitaries are designed specifically to address tight narrow anatomy and come in 6”, 8”, and 10” lengths. We also offer Peapod, Rat tooth and curved pituitary styles. All of our ACE and Wiggins instruments are finished with our proprietary ceramic coat that will never chip fade or peel. This surface that is 8X more dense than stainless steel alone is an ideal environment for cleaning and reprocessing.

Kerrison Rongeur

About ACE Medical Company™

ACE Medical Company™ is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing surgical instruments and equipment that facilitate better patient outcomes. 

As surgical procedures have become less invasive, we have continually partnered with surgeons to develop new instruments that complement improvements in surgical technique. We are firmly committed to support the advancement of equipment to improve the fields of Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Spine Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgery, Urology and Gynecology. 

Our specialty instruments are manufactured in the finest factories in The United States, South Germany, The Netherlands, and Northern Italy. Constantly seeking out the finest craftsmen of their trade and perfecting timeless instruments to meet the rigors of today’s surgical challenges. We frequently visit all of our factories to meet with our design and production teams to evolve our innovations to your surgical suite. Using only the highest quality raw materials assures that your instruments will work effectively for a very long time, reducing waste, and offering your hospital the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.