Paparella Style

Paparella Style ear vent tubes are 100% Certified Medical Grade silicone resin. The material is extraordinarily soft, elastic, and compliant. Paparella style vent tubes easily compress for insertion and removal. The ear vent tube will provide relief for patients, and improve their hearing. ENT doctors should try out the Paparella Style ear vent tube to see the success rate for themselves! Not only will patients be pleased, but their hearing will be greatly improved. Order your Paparella Style ear vent tubes today!

Armstrong Straight Shank

Along with our other ear vent tubes, we offer the Armstrong Straight Shank tube. The angle of the beveled inner flange of the Armstrong Beveled Straight Shank corresponds to the angle of the tympanic membrane. This allows for easier insertion, and better visibility through the lumen. Lastly, the Armstrong Straight Shank has amazing resistance to premature extrusion. Buy yours today from ACE Medical!

Ear Tube

Armstrong Straight Shank Ear Tube

Ultra Vent

The ultra vent ear tube is silicone and has a 1.27mm inner dimension. Ear Vent tubes improve patient’s hearing, without performing a myringotomy. The Vent tubes are surgically inserted into the ear. So how does the tube work? Well it actually creates an airway that ventilates the middle ear and prevents the accumulation of fluids behind the eardrum. This relieves patients frustration with hearing loss. Ear Vent Tubes are the recommendation of ENT doctors because they have successfully treated millions of children and adults with hearing difficulties. Lastly, Ear Vent Tubes typically last between 6 months to a year, and sometimes longer.

Ear Tube

Ultra vent ear tube