Male Incontinence Clamp

Male Incontinence Clamp

The MEDpro Penile Clamp is a re-usable medical device for male incontinence, for example after Prostate Surgery.
The MEDpro Penile Clamp is:

  • A simple and effective design
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sizable with 4 positions
  • Efficient, Stopping urine flow without effecting the blood circulation
  • Excellent value


Male Incontinence Clamp

Incontinence is an embarrassing problem that many people suffer from. However, there is a device that can help control urinary leakage- the male incontinence clamp. The incontinence clamp works by putting light pressure on the urethra (tube that carries urine out of your body) on the underside of the penis.

Applying your Incontinence Clamp

First, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Next, apply your clamp to your penis (It is recommended that you practice using it on your finger first). Then, place your penis between the 2 foam pads on the clamp. The clamp should be placed halfway down the shaft of your penis. After you have applied the Incontinence Clamp: You may feel a sense of fullness or like you have to urinate. This is normal and will go away after a short time.

Removing your Clamp

To remove the Incontinence Clamp: Gently pull on the locking grid until the mechanism releases. If you have any pain, discomfort, or leakage, stop using the Incontinence Clamp and consult your doctor. To clean your Incontinence Clamp: Remove any dirt or debris from the Incontinence Clamp with a soft brush. Rinse with warm water and mild soap. Allow to air dry completely before storing in a cool, dry place. Do not boil, microwave, or put in the dishwasher as this may damage the device.

Urinating with your Incontinence Clamp

When you have to urinate, release the Incontinence Clamp by pushing the spring wire loops together. After you’re finished urinating, put your clamp back on to prevent dribbling. If possible, place the clamp on a slightly different part of your shaft.

Clean and Reuse

Follow the steps below to clean your clamp. Make sure to clean your clamp after each use.
Wash your Incontinence Clamp in a sink with mild soap and warm water. Don’t use bleach, detergent, or hot water on your clamp.
Rinse your Incontinence Clamp thoroughly in cool, clean water. Gently squeeze the foam to get rid of excess water. Let your Incontinence Clamp dry in a cool place away from excess heat or direct sunlight. Don’t put your Incontinence Clamp in the washer or dryer, or use a blow dryer on it. Now that we’ve gone over how to care for you Incontinence Clamp, let’s talk about how to use it!

Male Incontinence Clamp

                                Penile Clamp 

If you are suffering from incontinence, don’t suffer in silence any longer! The Incontinence Clamp can help you regain control over your urinary leakage.

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