Littler Suture Scissors

Littler Suture Scissors

Little Suture scissors with a supercut that are always sharp. Ebner Surgical Scissors feature our supercut technology with our proprietary ceramic coat, these will be the most durable surgical scissors you will ever own. Available in a 5″ (11cm) length with a curved cutting edge.



Ebner surgical scissors are the best quality scissors on the market. With a variety of patterns and a Super Cut finish, you can be assured of a clean cut every time. Made with German Stainless Steel, our quality and manufacturing process guarantees that these Littler suture scissors will last. Browse our whole scissor selection today!

Littler Scissor

Littler Scissor for Suture, supercut edge and ceramic coated

Littler Suture Scissors

Our Littler Suture scissors are great instruments that surgeons can use for cutting hard tissue, such as bone and cartilage. They have a small, sharp straight blade.

If you’re looking for surgical scissors that will give you a clean cut every time, look no further than Ebner. With a variety of patterns and a Super Cut finish, our scissors are made of German Stainless Steel and guaranteed to last. Ebner Medical is an ISO 13485 Certified Manufacturer. Browse our selection today!


Littler Suture Scissor

Metzenbaum, Mayo and Tenotomy Scissors

Our surgical scissors feature many styles, all are made with a Super Cut finish to assure you a clean cut. First, Metzenbaum scissors are a type of surgical scissors used for a variety of purposes most notably for tissue dissection. Secondly, surgeons can use our Mayo Scissors for tissue dissection and cutting sutures. Next, we offer Tenotomy scissors, which surgeons use for various sectioning ligaments and tendons, as well as cutting sutures. All three types of scissors – Metzenbaum, Mayo, and Tenotomy – are available in curved or straight blades and vary in size. Metzenbaum scissors have the longest blades, followed by Mayo scissors, and then Tenotomy scissors have the shortest blades.

Mayo Scissor

Mayo scissor with super cut and ceramic coat

Stevens/ Reynolds Scissors

Our Stevens/ Reynolds scissors are a tenotomy style that surgeons can use for cutting Tenon’s capsule, the white, fibrous outer layer of the eye. Stevens / Reynolds scissors have a small, sharp blade and come as either straight or curved. Surgeons insert the blade into the Tenon’s capsule and then rotate it to cut the tissue.

Tenotomy Scissors

The Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

Iris Scissors

Iris scissors are surgical instruments surgeons use to make incisions in the iris (colored part) of the eye. They have a small, sharp blade and come in straight or curved. Surgeons can use these scissors by inserting them into the iris and then rotating to cut the tissue. Surgeons also call Iris scissors portioning scissors or lid margin scissors.

Iris Scissors

Straight Iris Scissors for plastic surgery, Super Cut

Westcott Scissors Surgical

Westcott scissors are surgical instruments that surgeons use for cutting skin, fat, and other soft tissue. They have a large, blunt blade that is curved, they come in two lengths, with two unique blade lengths. Surgeons can use these scissors by inserting them into the tissue and then rotating to cut the tissue. Surgeons also call the Westcott scissors by deboning scissors or grossing scissors.



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5” (11cm)




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