Isabella Tumor Forceps

Isabella Tumor Forceps

Isabella Tumor Forceps are available in three patterns. Forceps, 2:1 Teeth and Cup Graspers.



Isabella Tumor Forceps

The Isabella Tumor Forceps are ideal for keyhole and port brain tumor surgery. Our unique angle gives an unobstructed view of the anatomy. First, the tungsten carbide coated pickups that provide better grip in tough cases. Next we offer a 2:1 Teeth pattern forcep for efficient removal. Finally, the cup grasping tips allow surgeons complete flexibility when it comes time to decide their choices for the procedure. Chose the Isabella Force for your next keyhole or port brain surgery.

Isabella forceps and ac mis bipolars

ac mis bipolar forceps

Designed with Daniel Prevedello MD, the instruments were re-designed to accommodate keyhole or port surgeries. By adjusting forceps’ angles we can remove hands from view of microscope giving better visualization. Next we reduced the tines thickness 33% for narrow access anatomy plus they’re completely converged at base and tip making them more versatile than ever before! Fourthly angled nonstick tips 15 degree & 45 degrees offers three working lengths 75mm (short), 90mm (medium), and 105mm (long) for any anatomy. Also see our Isabella Forceps, which surgeons can use for the same approaches.

ac bipolar forceps

The ac bipolar forceps tips are made out of solid silver, which makes them completely non-stick for the life of the instrument. Next, our forceps have ergonomic round grips so you can easily manipulate and control it with ease!  Finally, since they’re well balanced and weighted correctly the cautery forceps will feel like extensions of your hands. Watch our video highlighting our superior thermal spread technology.


non stick bipolar forcep video

Forceps variations

The perfect bipolar forcep for your surgery is right here! The three different design patterns will allow you to find the best fit. Straight forceps are great on plastic, facial orthopedic and wrist/hand surgeries. Compare these to jeweler or adson forcep styles with improved performance as well two lengths of 140mm or 165mm. These come in tip widths of 0.3mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm and 2.0mm to address delicate or gross anatomy. Next, is our bayonet forceps that are perfect for any micro surgery and have a comfortable 110mm round handle with a solid grip. They come in working lengths of 55mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm perfect for any depth of case. Last, our angled up micro tip ac bipolar forceps provide better visualization at deep anatomy. The 45 degree angled up forcep comes in both a 100mm and 125mm working length.

Reusable bipolar cords

At ACE Medical Company, reducing waste is a top priority. Surgeons can use our reusable bipolar cables up to 250 times, and they come in two different lengths: 3M and 5M. Standard US 2-pin formation they come in straight or angled, all with standard Valley Lab connection! Shop today to help do your part when it comes to reducing medical waste.


Made in Germany


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