Dittel Urethral Sound

Dittel Urethral Sound

Stainless Steel Dittel Bougie 34.5cm length with handle and slight curve.
Manufactured in Germany.

Made in Germany

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Dittel Urethral Sound

The Dittel Urethral Sound is used for dilation of the urethra to treat patients suffering from stricture. This gets done using a special medical instrument commonly referred to as a Dittel Urethral Bougie. Next, the instrument is tapered and contains a curved tip that inserts under general anesthesia. After insertion, the surgeon then widens or dilates the urethra by gently pushing on the handle of the instrument. The surgical dilation, which is always performed under anesthesia, takes about 30 minutes.

The surgeon makes a small cut in the skin near the base of the penis and inserts the Bougie into the opening. Once the Bougie is in place, the surgeon gently pushes on the handle to widen or dilate the urethra. Finally, the surgeon then removes the instrument and closes up the opening with stitches. Surgical dilation is usually done as an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home on the same day as you’re surgery. Other common ways to treat stricture without surgery is done with the use of a Meatal Dilator. Your doctor will prescribe this to you prior to evaluating you for surgery.

We offer our Urethral sound is available in a 34.5mm length in the following French sizes. – 8fr – 30fr, 32fr and 34fr.

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