Custom-Cut Splints

Custom-Cut Splint is available in either a choice of 100% Fluoroplastic or 100% medical grade silicone. This product allows for custom design by the surgeon and is provided sterile and ready to use. In addition, five thicknesses are available to accommodate different size patients. Custom-Cut Splint is an essential tool for any surgeon treating injuries. Call today to order Custom-Cut Splint for your practice!

Bivalve Splints

Bivalve Splints are an essential product for reducing adhesion and/or hematoma formation. Each splint is slit to facilitate insertion and removal, and the pre-punched holes allow for easy suturing. Also, the splints are available in two sizes with two thicknesses, making them perfect for a variety of needs. The sterile, single-use splints are packed in pairs and there are 6 packs per box. Bivalve Splints are an essential product for any medical professional.

Nasal splints

Nasal Splints

Breathe-Easy Splint

If you’re looking for a medical grade silicone that is easy to insert and remove, Breathe-Easy Splint is the way to go! Our splint is provided sterile and ready to use, with a pre-punched hole in the anterior tip that makes for easy suturing to prevent dislodgement and aid in septal stabilization. Breathe-Easy Splint is also 100% latex free making it the perfect choice for those with latex allergies. Contact us today to learn more about Breathe-Easy Splint, or any of our other products!

Nasal Splint

Breathe easy nasal splint

Dempsey Splint

The Dempsey Splint is a 100% Fluoroplastic internal nasal splint. It is perfect for reducing or preventing adhesions between the septum and lateral nasal wall by stabilizing the turbinates. It is provided sterile and ready to use, making it easy to insert and remove. When used correctly, the Dempsey Splint will help improve nasal breathing and prevent complications from adhesions. Order your Dempsey Splint today!

Nasal Splint

Dempsey Nasal Splint