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ac bipolar Non-Stick Insulated

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ac bipolars™ and ac mis bipolars™ are manufactured in the heart of the Black Forest in Southwest Germany. Solid Silver alloy tips make our forceps non-stick for the very long life of our instruments. An ergonomic gripped handle that is weighted perfectly to serve as an extension of your surgical hands. Available in straight, bayonet and mis styles and come in a variety of working lengths 140mm, 165mm, 185mm, 210mm, 235mm and now 260mm lengths. Very fine .3mm and fine .6mm tip as well as a 1.0 and 2.0 blunt tip to accommodate all anatomical challenges. Microtips available in specific lengths as well as our from ac mis bipolars™ that come in a 15- and 45- degree tip angles. Better materials make a more sustainable instrument.

Made in Germany

AC Bipolars

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165 mm, 185 mm, 210 mm, 235 mm, 260 mm


0.3 mm (Fine), 0.6 mm (Fine), 1.0 mm (Fine), 1.0 mm (Blunt), 2.0 mm (Blunt)


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