Surgical equipment include sponges, nasal splints, ear tubes, dilators or any other medically necessary item needed at the time of treatment. Whether you are setting up a new operating room, replenishing surgical supplies or integrating a new member of your surgical team, making sure you have the correct surgical supplies and accessories is not only crucial, but is also a major undertaking. 

There are a wide range of basic surgical medical supplies that every health care facility should have in stock and selecting the right fit is an important topic that requires research. You want the highest quality supplies that each serve its particular purpose and enable a surgical team to perform at their highest level.

Difference Between Surgical Equipment and Surgical Instruments

Durable surgical instruments, as the name suggests, are designed for long-term use. This category of hand-operated instruments that are used for the performance of surgical procedures includes a broad variety of equipment such as forceps, scissors, kerrison’s and rongeurs

On the other hand, disposable surgical supplies are used once and then thrown away. This category of medical disposables and renewable devices includes such items as myringotomy blades, sanitizer, sponges, dressings and more.

How to Select the Appropriate Surgical Supplies for Your Application

Making a well informed decision about these supplies is particularly crucial when the health of someone else is at stake. Using inadequate surgical supplies or equipment can seriously endanger the health and well being of a patient. 

No matter your specialty, location or market, some supplies are essential for every healthcare office, such as:

  • Face masks and exam gloves
  • Cotton-tipped applicators
  • Sterilization equipment
  • Biohazard containers
  • Suturing materials
  • Splints and braces
  • And much more

Face Masks and Exam Gloves

Medical masks are an essential supply to help prevent the transmission of microbes throughout your practice. Not to mention it constitutes a routine part of any clinical protocol. Many medical facilities carry fluid resistant face masks with a good filtration efficiency.

Exam gloves are another critical product to have available in any medical office. Due to common latex allergies, many manufacturers have started producing nitrate and vinyl exam gloves. 

Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Cotton-tipped applicators are an essential part of any facility. These versatile supplies can be used for everything from medication application, wound treatment, specimen collection and more. It is a staple for any clinic or hospital and even schools. Even supplies that seem as simple as this can make a real difference to your patients and your practice.

Sterilization Equipment

Reducing and eliminating contamination and infection starts with proper sterilization of instruments and equipment per our manufacturer IFU’s. Many instruments can be reused, so selecting appropriate sterilizers, and well made instruments are essential. 

Sterilizers come in a wide variety of sizes and functions depending if they are operating room or office based equipment. Some even have WiFi and ethernet capabilities for easy data saving, traceability and user management.

Biohazard Containers

Proper containers are an effective way to not only dispose of biohazards safely, but also avoid costly fines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, outlines guidelines that drive standards of performance and design for a medical practice’s logistics and safety protocols.

Biohazards include sharps such as needles, IVs and lancets. OSHA outlines that sharps disposal containers must be closable, puncture resistant, leak-proof and easily accessible. 

Suturing Materials

Supplies for suturing come in four basic types, absorbable braided, non-absorbable braided, absorbable monofilament and and non-absorbable monofilament. Depending on the type of procedure being performed, a well-equipped practice needs plenty of sutures available to handle any kind of wound or injury.

Quality Medical Equipment and Surgical Instruments

Healthcare providers today are facing growing challenges in order to define their needs. ACE Medical Company’s instrument and equipment offerings are manufactured to the highest quality medical solutions in this competitive field to help you provide the most exceptional patient care. Our website serves as a reference for all of our equipment, our trained and knowledgeable sales and support staff are available by phone and in person to consult and help you make the best decision for your practice. Contact us today for a free quote for supplies customized to meet your physician practice needs.