External nasal splints are utilized by most surgeons after rhinoplasty. In addition, they are used for postnasal bone fracture reductions and in reconstructive cases. We offer soft form padded aluminum splints, soft form aluminum splints, and soft form thermoplastic splints in a variety of sizes. The splints are best in quality and we have very competitive prices.

External nasal splints are worn outside the nose. They stay in place because of adhesive that dissolves over the course of a few days. Nose splints are common because the size and shape of the nose is different before and after the procedure. Splints immobilize the bones and tissues. On top of that, they can help minimize scar tissue. 

Ace Medical is happy to sell a wide variety of splints for your needs. We have thermoplastic nasal splints, nasal splint kits, and other nasal splint options for your needs. Request a quote from us today.