Swiss Therapy® Hydrogel has a 92% composition of water formulated within a polymer matrix without chemical additives or preservatives. It cools by contact and evaporation and is proven effective in advanced would healing and relieving adverse effects commonly associated with cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Swiss Therapy® Eye and Full-Face masks are cooling post-op advanced wound healing compresses used for a variety of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures involving the face and neck area. Comforting to the patient, it reduces post-operative swelling, redness and discomfort, decreases healing time, and enables the patient to return to his/her normal activities more quickly. Swiss Therapy® cold compresses mold better to the contours of the face, does not leak and does not put pressure on or stick to the skin making it easier and more comfortable to use than other alternative cold therapies. Swiss Therapy® may be placed on the wound immediately after the operation for maximum effect. Worn in the recovery room, the hydrogel provides superior post-op wound healing, while absorbing seepage and providing pain relief. Additionally, Swiss Therapy® Eye and Full-Face masks are highly effective for a number of cosmetic applications including puffy eyes treatment, alleviation of tired eyes and headaches, relief from clogged sinuses due to colds and allergies, first aid for trauma and general relaxation.