South Africa

The no stitch SMIT sleeves are indicated for use as dilator in GYN HDR brachytherapy procedures to ease the insertion of applicators. No Suturing is needed with this protected design. The Smit sleeves function as a dilator during a multi fractionated treatment enhancing patient comfort and reducing procedure time. These tubes designed famed South African surgeon Prof B.J. Smit make outpatient procedures feasible and easy.

Sizing is made easy and the kits are available Medium (3.7mm) and Large (4.5mm). The medium with an Inner Diameter (ID) of 3.7mm comes in 6 lengths 30, 40 (Open and closed), 50, 60 and 70mm (50-70 are tapered for easy insertion) lengths and is ideal for all Stainless Steel and Titanium intrauterine tubes from Bebig, Varian and Elekta tubes with IU Tubes Diameter between 3.0mm and 3.5mm. The Large kit has an ID of 4.5mm and comes in lengths of 40 (Open), 50 (Open) and 80mm and is ideal for Elekta plastic tubes of 4.0mm.