Shepard Style Grommet

If you’re looking for an excellent Shepard Style Grommet to treat OME or other ear fluid complications, you’ll want to consider our product. This style is very versatile and we offer it in 4 different inner dimensions. In addition, we have a choice of titanium and fluoroplastic. Our product guarantees that patients with OME will experience an improvement in their hearing. If you’re an ENT surgeon, you need to add this product to your equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our Shepard Style Grommets!

Sheehy Collar Button

Sheehy Collar Buttons are excellent at treating OME and providing patients with quick relief. They easily improve patients hearing in no time. ACE Medical offers Sheehy Collar Buttons in many different styles. We offer this vent tube in flouroplastic, titanium, and silicone. In addition, we offer 5 different inner dimensions. You can be sure that you will find the right fit for your patient with our choices of Sheehy Collar Buttons. Order yours today!

Ear Tube

Sheehy collar button Ear Tube

Reuter Bobbin Style

Reuter Bobbin Style is an excellent ear tube that will provide any OME patient with improved hearing and relief from any symptoms. It comes in both titanium and fluroplastic materials. In addition, we offer 3 different inner dimensions for the Reuter Bobbin Style tube. Therefore, with these options you are ensured to find the right fit for any patient! So, why not order yours today? Reuter Bobbin Style is an easy and convenient way to improve your patients’ hearing. Don’t wait any longer, order your Reuter Bobbin Style ear tubes today!

Ear Tube

Reuter Bobbin Ear Tube

Mini Tef Fluoroplastic

Mini Tef Fluoroplastic ear vent tubes are ideal for pediatric, small ear canal, and tortuous ear canal applications. Mini-Tef tubes are constructed of white fluoroplastic and feature a larger diameter inner flange. These ear vent tubes come sterile and ready for use. Order your ear tube today for your next ear canal procedure! Mini Tef Fluoroplastic ear vent tubes can help improve hearing in children with Otitis Media with effusion (OME), also known as secretory Otitis Media (SOM).

Ear Tube

Mini Tef FP Ear Tube