Reuter Bobbin Style

Reuter Bobbin Style is an excellent ear tube that will provide any OME patient with improved hearing and relief from any symptoms. It comes in both titanium and fluroplastic materials. In addition, we offer 3 different inner dimensions for the Reuter Bobbin Style tube. Therefore, with these options you are ensured to find the right fit for any patient! So, why not order yours today? Reuter Bobbin Style is an easy and convenient way to improve your patients’ hearing. Don’t wait any longer, order your Reuter Bobbin Style ear tubes today!

Shah Style

The Shah Style ear vent tube is an excellent option for treating OME or other ear complications. The tube has a tab on the outer flange that facilitates insertion and better resists extrusion. The product comes sterile, so you can use it immediately on your patient. Also, it is intended for single use only. Order your Shah Style from ACE Medical today! You won’t be disappointed with the results. Thanks for choosing ACE Medical!

Ear Tube

Shah style Ear tube

Pope Beveled Grommet

Pope Beveled Grommet is on of the many styles of ear vent tubes that ACE Medical offers. The Pope Beveled Grommet is a great choice for those who are looking for improved visibility and hearing. The angle and style of the flanges allows passage of the tubes through smaller speculums. The angled flanges provides improved direct visibility through the tube lumen. The Pope Beveled Grommet will quickly improve patient’s hearing, and provide great relief. Order your Pope Beveled Grommet today!

ear tube

Pope Beveled Grommet Ear Tube