Modified Armstrong Grommet

The Modified Armstrong Grommet is one of the many ear vent tubes that we offer. The modified angle facilitates insertion into the myringotomy. The tube is made of high quality fluoroplastic, to reduce any possible irritation. This product will provide patient’s with relief and improve their hearing quickly. ENT’s must buy this for their next patient with OME. Order the  online, or by phone call today!

Beveled Bobbin

The Beveled Bobbin is a high quality silicone tubing that is perfect for middle-term ventilation tubes. It has a stable internal diameter of 1.14 mm and a long flange that can be easily embedded into the incision. The Beveled Bobbin is also very resistant to falling off, making it a great choice for your ventilation needs. Order your Beveled Bobbin today and provide your patients with the improved hearing they deserve. Thanks for choosing Beveled Bobbin!

Ear Tube

Beveled Bobbin Grommet Ear Tube

Shea Parasol Vent Tube

Shea Parasol Vent Tube has a folding or collapsable flap, which allows for easy insertion. The tube flap opens like an umbrella when placed through the incision. For easy removal, simply pull on the removal tab, which will invert the umbrella. The Shea Parasol Vent Tube will improve patients hearing in no time! Shea Parasol Vent Tube is easy to use and provides excellent results. So don’t wait any longer, order your Shea Parasol Vent Tube today!

Ear Tube

Shea Parasol Ear Tube

Paparella Style

Paparella Style ear vent tubes are 100% Certified Medical Grade silicone resin. The material is extraordinarily soft, elastic, and compliant. Paparella style vent tubes easily compress for insertion and removal. The ear vent tube will provide relief for patients, and improve their hearing. ENT doctors should try out the Paparella Style ear vent tube to see the success rate for themselves! Not only will patients be pleased, but their hearing will be greatly improved. Order your Paparella Style ear vent tubes today!

Ear tube

Paparella style Ear Tube