Lighted Breast Retractors

Lighted Breast Retractors

  • The Tebbets Style lighted breast retractor attaches to an ACMI sterile fiber optic light cable comes with or without suction.
  • The Fererra Style lighted Breast retractor attaches to an ACMI sterile fiber optic light cable comes with or without suction
  • All Breast retractors feature a Blue Silicone Insulation blade that protects the tissue from arcing caused when it contacts the Bovie.
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Reusable Lighted Breast Retractors

Tebbets and Ferrera styles of reusable lighted breast retractors are available that have blue silicone insulation. This prevents arcing when coming in contact with the bovie pen, preserving tissue. The Tebbets has a smooth inner surface while the Ferrera has serrations that grip the tissue and keep it from slipping. The light source is an ACMI fiberoptic bundle that is autoclavable. Illumination is bright and focused, providing excellent visualization during procedures. The Tebbets style is more popular because it is easier to control and provides greater stability than the serrated Ferrera style. They are available in multiple lengths and widths.

Sizes and Styles

The Tebbets and Ferrera lighted breast retractor are reusable retractors. It is designed to provide surgeons with the ability to manipulate soft tissue. Next, it is available in multiple lengths, widths and with or without suction. The retractor provides illumination to the surgical field via a led or xenon system attached to a fiber optic cable.

This top-of-the-line product is very easy to use system. The lighted breast retractor is indicated for enhancing visibility to a surgical field through retraction of soft tissue and illumination of the surgical cavity. It is intended for but not limited to general, plastic, and reconstructive breast procedures in breast and open abdominal surgery procedures.

The blade lengths range from 7 cm – 20 cm and widths of 14 mm to 36 mm. You also have the option to have it with, or without suction. The system is nonconductive and very safe for patients. Tebbets and Ferrera always puts the patient’s safety as a number one priority in all their products. The product is efficient and economical for any busy hospital practice.

Guaranteed Quality

All ACE Medical Surgical instruments are ISO 13485 Certified.

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Tebbets, Ferriera

Length (cm)

7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20

Width (mm)

14, 16, 23, 24, 25, 30, 36


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