Micro Scissors

Micro Scissors

Charmant Micro Scissors feature a unique welding of a lightweight titanium handle to an extra hard stainless steel blade. This makes them great for long cases need several precise cuts.

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Charmant Product Families – Micro Scissors

Charmant Micro Scissors are the perfect neurosurgical instruments for delicate procedures. Made in Japan with a lightweight titanium handle welded to an extra hard stainless steel blade, they are perfect for bypass, aneurysm, or tumor neurosurgeons. With many configurations available, Charmant Micro instruments are the perfect addition to your surgical micro set. Order your micro set today!

Blade Profiles


Micro Surgery Instruments designed for Neurosurgery.

Our Micro Instruments are available in three blade profiles: acute (Purple handle), edged (Blue Handle), and blunt (Green Handle).

Acute: The acute micro scissor has a sharp, tapered point that is ideal for making small incisions or accessing hard-to-reach areas. These have a Purple Handle.

Edged: Next, the edged micro scissor has a sharpened blade with a rounded tip that is perfect for cutting through tougher tissue and preserving anatomy. These have a Blue Handle

Blunt: Lastly, the blunt micro scissor has a blunt blade tip that is ideal for working with around nerves while making precision cuts. These have a green handle

***Most styles are available in a straight and curved-up blade.***

Micro Surgery Instruments

Micro neuro surgery instruments for sale in a micro set

Blade Lengths

Charmant scissors are available in four blade lengths: 8.3mm, 13.3mm, 15.3mm, and 18cm. Shorter blades are ideal for aneurysms, and longer blades for resecting large tumors.

Crescent Blades

Additionally, we offer the crescent style blades which are curved to both the right and left.

Choose your style of Micro scissor

Charmant Micro scissors are available in straight or bayonet patterns and are proudly made in Japan.


“I was able to separate the tumor cutting right at the anterior cerebral artery. I was never able to do it before.”
Daniel Prevedello, MD

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