About ACE Medical Company

ACE Medical Company was established in 2012 to provide hospitals and surgeons better quality instruments to improve outcomes. Also, our unmatched quality and durability provide the lowest total cost of ownership. Often, we travel to Germany to visit the factories and hand pick our instruments, guaranteeing the best quality and continuous innovation. These progressions from ACE Medical Co advance instruments for Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedic and General Surgery. This attention to detail is most noticed from our repeat customers who have experienced the benefits for many years. Browse our selections today, you are really going to like what you find!

Bipolar Forceps

Non-Stick forceps – perfect for bipolar cautery.

Our spine instruments on average last significantly longer than our competitors and require much less maintenance. Our ac bipolar™ forceps were a first of its kind. The solid silver alloy non-stick tips that remain for the extensive life of the instrument. Addressing regulatory affairs, in 2020 ACE was awarded a 510K from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market and sell our kerrison rongeurs and bone punches as neuro / spine instruments. Finally, in 2022 we achieved ISO 13485 Certification. Quality is the hallmark of our brand we guarantee it, feel the difference today!

Kerrison Rongeur

Best Kerrison / Bone Punch for Spine Surgery

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

ACE Medical Company instruments and equipment are made to the highest of engineering and process standards. Next, our instruments have an extended life than our bigger name competitors. All of our instruments are made to perform, they rarely (If ever) need service and you can count on them for your most complex procedures. This greatly reduces down time, need for additional sets, overall costs and medical waste. Find out how much you can save today! 

Isabella Bayonet Forceps

Our Isabella Forceps Instrument for mis surgery

Design and Manufacture

Do you have a unique instrument that would solve a surgical problem? Struggling to find a partner to share your vision? Bring your ideas to us, and we will help you design and develop your instrument to improve performance. Next, we will advise the best regulatory pathway for approving your device. Once we agree on the Government approvals and costs we will design and build a prototype. Last, we tailor a market plan specific to your products.

Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

The Stevens Tenotomy, Metzenbaum, Mayo scissors and more

Mission Statement

To provide hospitals, surgeons, doctors and all healthcare professionals the very best equipment to treat patients, improve outcomes and reduce the costs associated with their care.